Friday, May 14, 2010

Mothers Day and Pacens Birthday

Sunday was Mothers day and I just wanted to post a little bit about my mom and Corys mom and what great moms they are! They have been so great and we love them to pieces. I hope they had a wonderful mothers day cause they deseve it.

This is Corys mom and grandma.

Pacen turned 6 May 11. Pacen is such a fun little guy to have around and he is growing up so fast. He has done so well in kindergarten this year and developed such a loving personality! He does like to challenge me but I'm learining how to deal with it. He got a new bike!

He had his best friend Logan over and we painted noodles to make necklaces and played some games.

Pacen loves Pokemon cards so thats what kind of cake we made him. He is holding a card in his one hand of what it was supposed to look like. Love you Pacen