Saturday, June 19, 2010

Fun Stuff

Great News!!! Corys brother Brook is getting married!!! We (Corys mom Ann, sister in law Shannon and sister in law Savannah) threw a bridal shower for his fiance a couple weeks ago in Oak City.

We are so excited to have another girl in the Rogers Family!!!

This year Jaxon is playing machine pitch and Cory and his friend Rick are the coaches for their boys. I just love watching them play. Their team is doing pretty good!

Jaxon must be learning something being raised at a ball park. He is a great ball player!

Yesterday me and the boys with the help of out neighbor who help cut the pipe for us, made these marshmallow shooters! Very easy and they can't really hurt each other. Even Brecken can do it. Let me know if you want instructions?

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Schools out for Summer!

Wow another school year behind us. My boys had such a great year. They both had a blast learning and playing with their friends. This is Jaxon and a couple of his buddies at their 3rd grade swimming party.

Pacen had a super cute Kindergarten program that my parents were able to come down and watch. He did a good job and is such a funny little guy.

This weekend I took the boys out to three peaks and they caught two lizards that we now have adpoted. Pacen named them Sonic and Crazy? Boys are funny!!

Monday Cory was on call for his work so we couldn't go to far from home so we went up to a little lake and fished for a while. No luck on the fish but it was good to just go up to the mountains.

They sure like their DAD!