Saturday, January 30, 2010

A crazy night at the ER

This year Cory decided to start to ref high school basketball. So last night me and the kids went in to watch Cory ref a game. I sat in the stands with the fans and listened in on what they had to say about the ref but they only said good things about him so he must be doing a great job!

Any way after his game we stayed to watch the Varsity game. The game went into overtime and the kids were running around playing. Well before the game got over Pacen came running to get me and said Jaxon was bleeding. I came around the corner to see blood running down his face. There were like 15 kids standing around him. He was running under the bleachers and had tripped and hit his head. So we loaded up and went to the ER to get him checked out.

A very sad bloody Jaxon!

8 stiches later!

He was so brave and didn't cry at all. He actually talked to the Dr. the whole time he was getting stitched up. The only thing that hurt was paying for it! Ha Ha good times!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Birthday fun and Frosty the snowman

For the month of January there are 5 birthdays in Cory's family including his. We have a party for all of them at the same time. Its almost like christmas again! I made the cakes and used my friends giant cupcake pan.

For Corys birthday he had several parties. The funnest one was this past weekend we went to a Jazz game and stayed at a hotel for a fun get away. He works so hard and deserved a fun birthday!

Today it snowed and snowed and is still snowing. I got off early from work and decided to be fun and go play in the snow with the boys. The snow was perfect for rolling so we made this giant snowman! The boys were excited I came out in my snow clothes.

So then I helped them make a snow fort. Jaxon made the inside into chairs and said it was the lounge. So fun! Cory came out and laughed and said "how old are you?" Your never to old to play in the snow!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Tubing Fun

Last week we went tubing with Nick and Jos and their girls. There wasn't much snow but it was just enough for a good time! Brecken and Taylor got brave enough to go down together.

Cory tried to snow board on a sled down the hill.....

and down he went!!! So Graceful!!!

Cory got me a new camera for christmas and I was able to take some cool action shots of the kids going over this little jump. I love Brynlies face in this one!

Pacen was a dare devil! How cool does he look?

This is Jaxons favorite thing to do. Him and Pacen got these tubes for christmas and loved them!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year

Happy 2010! We brought in the new year by hanging out with friends and playing games! Alot of fun and alot of kids!

Rogers christmas party

The day after Christmas we got together with the Rogers side of the family and partied!

The grandkids before church. They love getting together and are getting so big!

The whole family together in front of the house! Thanks for picture!

Christmas Morning

Santa came right on time at our house this year! We had a really great christmas morning. Cory woke the kids around 6:30! They must have been very good this year!

Brecken really got in to the opening presents

Pacen was a pro!

Jax was excited about his Bionicles

Pacen gave Cory a new BYU tie

And the Wii! Hope everyones christmas was GREAT!