Friday, May 29, 2009

Schools OUT

My kids were so lucky to have such great teachers this year! Pacen went to 3 peaks preschool and his teacher was Mrs. Walker. He learned so much this year and loved every day he got to go!

This is his little class singing songs.

Jaxon had a great year also! His teacher was Mrs. Fuson and he had the best time in second grade thanks to her!

His class planted this tree outside of the school so it will be fun to see it grow through the years

Monday, May 25, 2009

Weekend Camping

This weekend we went to Yankee Meadows to do some camping, us and a million other people!!!
Thursday night we took our trailer to save a spot for the weekend. Only to come friday to a city of trailers from Nevada camped on top of us! So we pulled out of that spot and found an even better one that worked out for us!

The Boys had a blast! Brecken started the trip off right with a little dirt right on his head! How could you get mad at that face?

This is the Lake, we tried fishing a few times but not alot of luck, thats why its not called catching!!

Saturday the Winters fam and the Morris fam came up to spend the day with us! Other than it rained the whole time on and off, we managed to play a few games and eat a yummy dutch oven dinner.

The kids made a hut to get out of the rain.

We came home Saturday night and headed back Sunday afternoon to spend one more night which was really fun! Hope everyone had a great wet weekend!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Pacen turned 5

Happy #5 Birthday Pacen!!!!

Pacen had a Birthday on Monday and turned 5!! He is our second son and is such a fun little guy to have in our family!

Pacen and Jaxon have are pretty good friends

He's just grown up right in front of our eyes and now he's getting ready for Kindergarten

He loves to go camping and fish, color, put together puzzles and play with anyone that will play with him!

He's such a great little kid and we love him!!!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Pirates and Pizza

Saturday we took the kids to Pirate Island Pizza in St. George. It was a Pizza place kinda like Chuckie Cheese only Pirate themed. The pizza was really good and the kids loved how the place was decorated. All the workers were dressed like pirates and sometimes it sounded like it was raining and thundering.

Cory wore the pirate hat with the kids the whole time!

There was an arcade that you could buy tokens and play games to earn tickets. But of course no matter how much money you spend you never have enough tickets to get anything very cool.

Cory won big playing Deal or No Deal (with the pirate hat on). The weather was so nice down there, we went to the park after and got ice cream.