Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Christmas 08

This was our christmas eve party with the Winters family. We ate an awesome dinner and played games and acted out the Nativity.

Me and Cory and Chad and Meladie.

Christmas morning was so awesome...I was awake at 6:30 just laying in bed waiting for them to wake up...Finally around 7:45 they came in to wake us. This was a fun year because the kids are at such a fun age!

They ran up stairs and were like wow he really came. Jax was so worried Santa wouldn't eat the cookies we made but he managed to come through!!!

Brecken was so happy with his pig from his stocking.

Jax and Pacen got a bike and a scooter. When my mom called to find out about our morning, Pacen said, "Grandma I got everything I wanted!" Guess he must have been pretty good.
I am so blessed to have such a great family and friends to spend the holidays with!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

HO HO HO Merry Christmas

Tonight we were lucky enough to have a special visitor and his Elf come visit our house! How cool is that?

The two older boys were so excited to have Santa at our house. They jumped up there and told him what they wanted for Christmas.

Santa had a really nice Elf that gave out candy! Jaxon said he was the tallest elf that he had ever seen! NICE TIGHTS!
Brecken was not about to sit on his lap by himself so I jumped on too!

After they left Pacen kept saying, "Mom I'm never going to be afraid of Santa again!"

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


The SNOW is here and boy did it come in a hurry!! Since last thursday we have been getting snow! The kids love it and I hate driving in it but its winter so I'll deal with it.

I got the boys to hold still for a minute and took a cute picture before church! They are so excited for Christmas!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Last weekend for Thanksgiving we went to Delta and had dinner at the Palamor (an old gym) with 65 relatives from my moms side of the was more like a buffet but it was fun to see everyone. Thursday was also my older brothers birthday and two of my cousins.

Happy Birthday Von!!!

This is the cheese ball turkey I made,it turned out pretty good.
The Feast!! After dinner there was a little program and volleyball.

Friday we went to Oak City and played with the Rogers. The kids raked the leaves and then had a leaf fight!!! Sorry Grandma

Saturday night there was a light parade in least the HOT chocolate was good!!! ha ha
It was a great weekend thanks for all the great food and fun!!!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Christmas Lights

This weekend we had some fun company come down to hang out with us. Cory's parents, Brook and Jordan came friday night and stayed. Saturday we went to lunch and shopped the big WALMART and then they helped decorate the house with lights.

Yeah they even worked!!!

Later that evening we had a little birthday party for Jordan...The big 22!!! Happy Birthday

But the night turned out to be a little disappointing with the Cougars and Utes game....The Rogers are big BYU fans....anyway the game wasn't great but the food and company was!!!!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Just a little update

I haven't posted anything for awhile so I wanted to give a little update....Well with the ways things are with the economy we've had it impact our lives. I started working full time again to help out the dentist office and pay the bills at home. Its been kinda hard getting up earlier and getting home later but I have a really awesome and an amazing husband that has jumped in and helped pick kids up, babysitt neighbor kids, laundry, dinner and clean up. He works so hard to make it all work and I just really appreciate the help and support he is!!!

I'm grateful to have such a great family to come home too!!!


Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween at its Best

This is Halloween night...the kids were so excited! Jax was a Ninja, Pacen was a Skunk and Brecken was an M&M.

At the end of our street the community holds a truck o treat and carnival with games and food. They had a pumpkin carving contest so I entered our Teenage mutant pumpkin ninja turtle...but no luck!

The kids at the carnival! They got plenty of candy to last a while.

Every year we have a grown up Halloween Party and this year I hosted the Great Event.
We had great food, fun people and great entertainment.

Me and Cory and Craig and Julie

Britt and Travis and Nick and Joslyn

Chad and Meladie and Britt and James

~The Food~
I moved the furniture downstairs to make room for the party!
We played Rock Band and Wii sports, newly wed game and BINGO!

It was a way fun time with everyone!! Thanks guys !! Plan on it again Next Year!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Pumpkins and cookies

Last night we got together with Nick and Jos and had home evening and carved pumpkins for our activity. Jos did this cute lesson on being kind and read a story about the halloween phantom. So later we took cookies to a neighbor and left them on his door step and hid. It was way fun! Jax thought we were crazy to hide in the dark.

Pacen dove right in and started to dig out the seeds and carve away!

Me and Jos carved spiders...hers looked better if I was judging.

The final product of the night...Brecken kept saying"Hot"

OOOOH spooky!!!! Happy Haunting

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Bunko and BYU

This was last months Bunko at Dee's house. I made the dice cakes for dessert that night!

We had our annual Halloween Bunko last night. Me and Joslyn in front of our new addtion to make the house spooky. Thanks to Cory!

Yep thats me the old lady!!! Thats scary next to cute little Dorthy!

We always have delicious food before we play and Halloween food is the best!

The Bunko Group all dressed up at Julie's house.

Cory is a big BYU fan and has taken Jaxon and Pacen to a game. They had so much fun hangin with their dad and uncles! He is a great Dad and we all love him!!! Go cougars!!!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Deer Hunt 08

This past weekend was the deer hunt and my dad, brother and Cory had tags so we went over by Milford to try our luck...well we might have left with no deer from there but we sure had a good time!

Group photo wearing orange (so we didn't get shot!)

Cory's brother Jordan came the first night and went to help Cory. They were gone 13 hours opening morning...Thanks for comin Jord!

Me and the kids

As usual we kept kids entertained with painting pumpkins, decorating bags, and other things to keep them busy.
Now Brecken looked like this or worse the whole trip! Only a face a mother could love... Ha ha
Mom looking fabulous in her visor the kids made her. It was great weather and lots of fun, thanks for comin!