Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Grandpa BOB

This is a post dedicated to my DAD (Grandpa BOB)!! His birthday is April 30th and he will be 61. So these next pictures are about him and how much we love him and to tell him he is such a great dad and awesome Grandpa!!!

He sure loves his kids and grandkids

and the kids just love him back!!!

So Happy Birthday DAD!!! You have always been there for me and I hope your birthday is great like you!

Thanks for everything you do for us! Love ya

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Don't push your Luck

So last weekend I was at my brothers house and we were playing basketball and he had to go check something so I saw my nephews skateboard and thought I can do that. So I started skateboarding around the driveway and was doing quite well. I should have stopped while I was ahead but no I pushed my luck and tried to go down a very simple ramp. SLAM...I was laying on the driveway on my side when Jax came around the corner and said, "MOM your to old to be doing that!"

Jeanette helped me x-ray my elbow at work and it looks ok but man is it sore! So yes I must be to old to be Skateboarding down ramps!!!

I thought the x-ray was cool though.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Hoppity Easter

We were in Delta for easter weekend. We colored eggs at Grandma's and then the next day my nephew Tyler was Baptized.

Later on Saturday it was raining outside so we had an easter egg hunt at my brothers house inside. Grandma put 5 bucks in some on the eggs. It was fun to be with the fam and see everyone.

Sunday we spent the day in Oak City with Cory's fam

Grandpa Rogers read the kids the Easter Story before we had our easter egg hunt out side. It was such nice weather and we just hung outside all day. The kids had a great time and I just love get togethers!

The best part is going through the eggs to see what is inside!!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Last night we had BUNKO at Britt's house and I forgot how much fun it is to get together with the girls and hang out and eat!!! Britt's house was so cute and her prizes were awesome! Thanks girls it was a BLAST